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Easy Quick Member

Easy Quick Member

Easy Quick Member Software is an awesome product with 70% during first week of launching. It helps you to create Fully-Functional, Profitable Membership Sites – In Minutes.

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Why Easy Quick Member ?

Easy Quick Member, as the name suggests, is the EASIEST to use and QUICKEST to set up membership script in the market today.

Easy Quick Member Review

All you ever wanted was a way to take in automatic recurring income while delivering valuable content to your paid members.  I mean, how hard can that be?

But as you’ve probably already experienced, the membership scripts you’re currently using are complicated to set up and hard to use.

You can end your frustrations with this:

Easy Quick Member Pros

  • No Membership scripts!
  • Control subscription length
  • Drip feed content as you require
  • File and content protection
  • It will not allow users to share their account info with multiple users (unless you want them too)
  • Unlimited number of membership levels
  • Works with multiple shopping carts so it doesn’t matter which platform your prefer (I now use Xaxaa)
  • Built in coupon system
  • Automatic Webinar Engagement (Love this!)
  • Simple transfers of old membership sites to the Easy Quick Member platform
  • It’s Drop Dead Simple to set up!
  • It’s very reasonably priced ($49 during launch – $69 after launch)

Easy Quick Member Cons

  • It is only available for WordPress websites
  • You need to upgrade your license to be able to use it on multiple sites (costs extra)

The best way to create an automatic, recurring income is to have a membership site of your own.

Many features of Easy Quick Member (EQM):

– Super EASY To Use & Super QUICK To Set Up
– Drip-Feed From 1 (One) Single Page
– Control Who Can Access What
– Magical Content
– Subscription Length Control
– Total Content & Files Protection (your own server or Amazon s3)
– Sharing & Group Buying LOCKDOWN
– Sneak Peak Content
– Prevent Brute-Force Attacks
– Create Free/Paid Memberships
– Sell Unlimited Products/Membership Levels
– Instantly Boost Sales & Revenue
– Multiple Shopping Cart Integration
– Automatic List Building
– Automatic Webinar Engagement
– Easy-To-Understand Sales Report & Retention Metrics
– Easily & Quickly Transfer Your Existing Membership Site To EQM

As you can see from the above, EQM has a lot of useful features — one of which is the ability to integrate directly with Amazon s3 to securely deliver your files to members.

Did you know that your s3 files are not secure? Meaning anyone can just pass around the download links and get access to them.

You can either purchase a standalone WordPress plugin to securely protect your s3 files (last I checked it costs $97 just for this feature alone), or you can use the built-in feature that already comes with EQM. No need to fork out additional money to buy another 3rd party software.

Make sure you get it right now because there is a time-sensitive discount going on as we speak. If you wait, the discount will be over.

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Easy Quick Member review in my conclusion

So was the Easy Quick Member plugin as quick and easy to use as I hoped? but I think it’s safe to say you can make a membership site in 20 mins or less with this plugin. It’s very simple and easy to use, and it does most of the work for you automatically. The membership site I made here was just a simple site with one file to download, but the Easy Quick Member plugin can also be used for more robust membership sites, with lots of modules and stuff like that, and of course with drip-feeding as well!

Do yourself a big favour. Save yourself a whole whack of time and money. Pick up Easy Quick Member Now. Then come back here and leave a comment about it. Tell me how it’s made a difference in your online business.

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