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iBusinessPromoter SEO SoftwareiBusinessPromoter SEO Software

  • Creator: Spencer Haws
  • Focus : Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed
  • History : Since 1997 (in Market for over 16 Years)
  • Promo Video : [su_lightbox src=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwxYu9h-3lw”]IBP Promo Video (Click To Watch)[/su_lightbox]

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Get high rankings with our popular SEO software tool

Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is a multi-award winning search engine optimization software tool that helps you get high search engine rankings:

  • Get high rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
  • Get more website visitors and increase your revenue.
  • IBP is fully compatible with Google’s new December 2013 algorithm.

Save time, get more customers and more sales

IBP is a SEO software that offers everything you need to successfully promote your website. It is a proven suite of professional web promotion tools that helps you with all
aspects of website promotion and search engine optimization.

iBusiness Promoter SEO Software

iBusinessPromoter Review

IBP (iBusiness Promoter) is one tool that promises high-ranking with their SEO tool, I have been using this tool for some time i would give you indepth analysis of the module, i will share how good are the tools present in IBP, it comes with various tools dealing with the different aspects of SEO elements for ranking, currently IBP is offering website ranking tool, keyword research tool, competition analysis tool, Search Engine Submission tool though it comes with all the tools that is necessary to rank a site in google, but how powerful is the tool ?

Founded in 1997, iBusiness Promoter is a tool made by the company Axandra, it’s a software development company. Johannes Selbach Andras Vogt, CEO of Axandra is committed to provide complete optimization services to SEO business owners. The software products of Axandra are sold by various affiliates of the firm all across the world.

Some important snippets from the official website of iBusiness Promoter(IBP)

  • “Get high rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines”
  • “Get more website visitors and increase your revenue.”
  • “IBP is fully compatible with Google’s new August 2013 algorithm.”
  • “You choose the keyword and the search engine”
  •  ”IBP analyzes your web page”
  • “IBP tells you in detail what you have to change”

IBP promises to deliver Higher Rankings in Google with their Search Engine Optimization tool by analyzing your Website for a keyword and tell you what to change in detail. ok cool!   Lets me not waste time lets rocket launch IBP Tool.

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(IBP) iBusiness Promoter Interface

iBusiness Promoter Interface

iBusiness Promoter Interface

Tools list in iBusiness Promoter

  1. Keyword Research tool
  2. Web Page Optimization Tool
  3. Link Building Tool
  4. Search Engine Submission Tool
  5. Ranking Checker
  6. Competitor Spy
  7. Extra Tools (extra 8 tools includes Static WebPage Editor, Search Engine Spider Simulator, Broken Link Checker, Manual Web Search, HTML validation, Keyword Density Analyzer, RIO Calculator, Search Engine Optimization Tips)

Optimization Tool

This is the main tool of iBusiness Promoter so we will test first so what can we expect from the optimization tool in IBP

  • Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed
  • Manual Tips for improving SEO of Website
  • It tells you in detail what to change and how to change

Optimization tool of IBP will analyze your website and make up a report that will tell you what to change in your website and how to changed, point be noted here is, it guarantees top 10 ranking you might heard of this of many SEO software which promises first page rankings but most of them fail at it does IBP stand with what it claims IBP Claims

  • Top 10 Rankings With Their Tool
  • Guaranteed Top 10 Ranking in One Year 

IBP analyzes pretty much all aspect of the site the tools analyzes basically these aspects of a site to compile a top 10 guaranteed ranking report or call it a guide


  • Report overview
  • Keyword use in document title
  • Number of backlinks
  • Anchor texts of backlinks
  • Keyword use in body text
  • Age of website
  • Keyword use in H1 headline texts
  • Keyword use in domain name
  • Keyword use in page URL
  • Mentions on social sites
  • Server speed
  • Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
  • Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
  • Top level domain of website
  • Keyword use in bold body text
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Keyword use in same domain anchor texts



  • Keyword use in outbound anchor text
  • Keyword use in same domain link UR
  • Keyword use in outbound link URLs
  • Keyword use in meta description
  • Number of trailing slashes in URL
  • HTML validation of web page to W3C
  • Readability level of web page
  • Keyword use in the first sentence of t
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Factors that could prevent your top rankings
  • Table: Number of keywords
  • Table: Keyword density
  • Table: Keyword position
  • Table: Number of words
  • Table: Number of characters
  • Table: Ranking factors digest


The above is over-view of the report which you will get if you run it through iBusiness Promoter I wont dig into the detail on my optimization of the site with respect to what IBP Optimization tool has suggested though i will give you a sneak preview of it.

Pro’s on Optimization Tool

  • Manual Tips

    Keyword Researcher Tool

    First up lets check Keyword Research tool in Internet Business Promoter Searched some random keywords in the niche of translation business this is how it looks like

  • Easy to follow report
  • Guaranteed Ranking

Conclusion on IBP Optimization Tool

I got #9 ranking by tweaking my site with IBP optimization tool with just 57% of total 100% requirement total of IBP though i have not met up with the required score, the tool has worked for me i have also included the report which IBP generated for me to get higher rankings you can view or download it and find out if the tool is ideal for you or not.


Pro’s of IBP Keyword Tool

  • Keyword Effectiveness Index Tool (pretty handy to knowing the potential traffic of the keyword)
  • Global Searches
  • Local Searches
  • Local Results

Link Building Tool

This is second tool we would be checking of Internet Business Promoter What doest Link Building Tool do in iBusiness Promoter

  • Finding new potential link partners
  • Manage your link partners, Decide to which website you want to link.
  • Preview link partner pages.
  • Quickly create link pages in your website design.
  • Quickly check if your link partners still link to your website.
So IBP’s link manager finds websites that could link to your website, So it searches for a website where you can have Link Back from a site to your site and this tools helps in finding that.

Pro’s of Link Builder

  • Link Suggestion Form Finder (Where you can quickly submit the suggestion for a backlink)
  • Competitor Live Backlinks Checking
  • Check Your Backlinks
  • Find Blogs That Can Link To You

Submission Tool

Submission tool of IBP submits your site to Search Engines from all across the world from different countries, languages, Ratings of the search engine too PR of the search engine.

submission tool

The automatic Submissions tools automatically submits your site to search engines while Semi Automatic Submission tools would submit your site manually that means you have manually Semi-Automatic Submission tool has one advantage over the automatic submission tool that is it can submit your site to more search engines as this may sometime also need to login at time as Google needs login to submits your site to it

Pro’s of Submission Tool

  • Both Automatic and Manual Submission Options Included
  • Different Countries
  • Different PR Search Engines
  • Hundreds of Search Engines in Manual Submission
  • Quick Submission in manual too (left window shows a small form to fill in manual submissions

Ranking Tool

This is one pretty cool it’s another tools in the arsenal of IBP SEO tools the Rank Checker, Check ranking for keywords Another IBP tool which makes IBP all in one Search Engine Optimization Tool Lets put the Ranking Tool of iBusiness Promoter to the test

Pro’s of Ranking Tool

  • Pin Point Accurate Ranking
  • Check Wooping 500 Results Ranking for Your Site Rankings

Competitor Spy Tool

Spy on your competitors with IBP, the software will spy on your competitors sites and get you vital information like Competitors Backlinks, Competitors Rankings and Google AdWords ads of your competitors. Analyzing your competitors backlinks is very vital in finding out which links are most influential in search engine ranking of your competitors site Analyzing your competitors Google ad words campaign is very helpful finding new ideas for your own campaigns IBP spy tool also helps finding your competitors backlinks through which it is getting most traffic

Pro’s of Competitor Spy Tool

  • Competitors Keyword Rankings (My Competitor site onehourtranslation.com has 140 rankings in Google’s organic top 50 results)
  • Spying on Competitors Marketing Campaigns like e.g Google adwords campaigns (my competitors has 8 Google Adword Campaigns running)
  • Anchored Text Links Back to Competitors Site info

Extra Tools

IBP offers additional HTML tools that help you to improve your web pages so that they get better position in the search engine result pages.

  1. Static WebPage Editor
  2. Search Engine Spider Simulator
  3. Broken Link Checker
  4. Manual Web Search
  5. Html validation
  6. Keyword Density Analyzer
  7. RIO Calculator
  8. Search Engine Optimization Tips

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Pricing of IBP

IBP comes in two editions: 1) Standard Edition 2) Business Edition

Standard Edition : The standard edition is perfect for personal website optimization, you can run 5 projects at once in the standard edition, the standard has full access to every feature

Business Edition : The business edition is for SEO companies and for guru’s who are in the Search Engine Optimization field its handy for them to use the tool to report and make up a report for optimization for their clients

The difference : In standard edition you cannot customize the report while in business edition you can customize the report with your own company logo and changes in the footer and header and credits of the report. If you are not an owner of SEO firm please buy the standard edition for personal usage.

Check Pricing of both Editions of IBP: Visit on this Link

So does IBP offer a refund policy the answer is yes though you keep the following in mind

  1. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (for any reason)
  2.  Top 10 Guarantee is for 1 Year that is 360 days (for not getting top 10 ranking in one year)

iBusiness Promoter in my Conclusion

Finally lets conclude on iBusiness promoter and tell you who should buy this software, though IBP is a great software for marketers i would recommend the tool only for people who are running agencies and companies or have tons of clients the price is hefty for normal user and if you are looking for SEO tool which you will only use then you should go for some alternative the tool is designed for agencies who have to work on tons of sites, the main and most advantageous usage of IBP is to provide a great SEO report which off course IBP is best at

if you are running SEO agency then go for IBP but if you are gonna use it for your site only then i would not recommend it the tool is designed for marketers and SEO guru’s

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