Link Assistant Review – #1 Safe & Fast Link Building Software

Link Assistant Review

Link Assistant is a Link Building Software – a part of SEO PowerSuite family with great features so let’s get started with my Link Assistant Review


Link building is the core of any website promotion strategy. Google and other search engines are known to trust websites with lots of high-quality incoming links and show them to millions of people searching the web daily. Link-Assistant not only speeds up each link building task. It offers the most secure and efficient way to pump up a website’s link popularity and make the quality of every single link even better than when it was done manually.

LinkAssistant Review

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Creating a Link building profile used to very time consuming and could almost be a full time job for someone – that’s expensive resource that most business owners can no longer afford.  No problem – as always there is a solution at hand. Link building is the main strategy in any website promotion. BING, Google and the rest are known to trust websites that have lots of high-quality incoming links.  In return they show them at the top of their results pages. Link Assistant is the tool to help make things a lot easier for you – it does all your hard work

Link building is not an easy job – but it is made so so much easier with this powerful app – it can perform tasks in minutes that it used to take a SEO pro a week or more.  This software doesnt take a holiday or a tea break and certainly doesnt want a pay rise.

Any linking strategy depends on 2 key elements – the total  number of links you have, and the quality of each of them.  Link Assistant is very easy to use and once you have the hang of it you will be amazed at the power of it. It also comes with a built in browser and fully fledged email client that will handle all your emails to prospective link partners.

It also keeps tabs on your link partners – if a link is deleted, or changed – it will tell you and you email them to find out why.  If they ‘nofollow’ one of your links – you will be the first to know.

Why you should I use Link Assistant – try these for size :

  • Generate your own link directory – including categories and subcategories.
  • Instantly upload your directory to your website.
  • Create a link directory design with the same look and feel as your website.
  • Personalised emails enable you to manage hundreds / thousands of partners at once.
  • Make sure all your partners are linking back – run a check whenever you want.
  • Monitor your link popularity history.
  • For a complete run through of LinkAssistant and it’s features – go here

link-assistant overview

The Link Assistant Software contains an impressive collection of features that make the job of link building so much easier. Here are a few examples of what the tool can do:
– Find dozens, scores, hundreds, or even thousands of potential link partners by entering a few details and letting the tool do the work. I recommend starting off with a small selection first. Choose high ranking sites that might link back to you.

– Your link partners might one day delete the backlink to you either by accident, in a site re-design, or for some other reason, so it’s important that you keep a check on your partners. The tool can automatically check all those reciprocal links for you and will let you know which are missing.

– Keep a check on your site’s ranking for the key phrases for which you are competing. It will display the results in a numeric or graphical format in a matter of minutes. Check every few weeks and if you’ve done your homework and used the tool wisely then you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of watching your ranking increase.

Link Assistant Pricing

Link Assistant excels at helping you examine your competitor’s link profile and uncover nuggets of opportunity for your own SEO efforts.

There are two pricing levels for the software: enterprise and professional.

Pricing: Link Assistant Professional is $124.75

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