Rank Tracker Review – Analyzes The rankings of Websites

Rank Tracker ReviewRank Tracker Review

Rank Tracker is the first of tool in the SEO PowerSuite family who developed by Link-Assistant.com (Read more SEO PowerSuite), which offers a range of SEO products and services, as well as SEO consulting.  Rank Tracker is perhaps the most popular tool in the pack because marketers in general love tracking their ranking.

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Rank Tracker Review

Rank Tracker is regarded as one of the most recommended software by webmasters and SEO experts all throughout the world. This software will give a speedy ranking result and assist you in researching for the most used and profitable keywords for your advantage.


Rankings are very important for many Marketers who use search engines as a major way to drive traffic to their sites. It is also important for consultants and SEO firms who need to give ranking reports to clients, and this is perhaps where Rank Tracker really excels.

What does Rank Tracker do?

Rank Tracker is the perfect solution for:

  • Keyword research

With Rank Tracker’s powerful “Suggest Keywords” feature you’ll be able to find the most profitable keywords to promote your website for. These suggestions are extracted from a bunch of sources like Wordtracker, Google Suggest, your competitor’s websites, and many others! There’s a total of 16 different keyword suggestion tools — with many more coming!

Rank Tracker will also show you how many times a keyword is actually searched by real people, how many sites compete for the keyword and calculate theirKeyword Efficiency Index, or KEI (number of searches to competition ration). This measure is exactly what professional SEOs use to select keywords — those with the biggest number of searches AND the lowest competition.

  • Tracking search engine positions

Here’s what rank tracking jobs this software does for you:

  • Checks rankings in any of the 346 search engines in a matter of minutes!
  • Lets you evaluate your progress at a glance
  • Checks positions in universal search results
  • Explores geo-specific search results
  • Checks if the right landing pages rank for your keywords
  • Shows lazer-sharp traffic stats directly from Google Analytics
  • Learn more details

Be sure to download the FREE version of Rank Tracker here so that you can follow along and experience the software for yourself too.

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Rank Tracker Features

First of all, you have to determine which type of service you want to take for your own rank tracker tool. It can either be the downloadable software or the web-based services offered by some. In downloadable software, some companies offer continuous updates of their products.

Here are the list of other important features you may wish to consider.

  • Automatic checking of your rankings in multiple search engine sites
  • Gathers a concise and updated report of the ups and downs of your website’s ranking
  • Assist you in discovering profitable and most searched keywords
  • Supports multiple search engine sites including the major and localized versions
  • Helps you in showing the best keywords to optimize your website against the competition
  • One which monitors your competitor’s web rankings and being able to provide a detailed and understandable comparison
  • Allows you to make progress graphs
  • Allows data exports in any form
  • Customizable workspace filters
  • Multilingual

How RankTracker work

Rank Tracker project 1

19 mechanisms of keyword suggestion

Rank Tracker lets you use the powerful “Suggest Keywords” feature. With it, you’ll be able to grab huge lists of traffic-generating keywords using Wordtracker, Google Suggest, your competitor’s websites, and many other methods. Discover profitable keywords you’ve been missing out on!

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Adding competitors to Rank Tracker project

You can add several competitors’ websites to you Rank Tracker project to track them along with your website and easily compare the ranking results.

Rank Tracker project 2

This option also lets you check rankings and set side by side several websites you optimize for the same keywords.

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Rank Tracker - Comparing rankings and ranking progress

Comparing rankings and ranking progress for a number of sites

The ranking data for the websites you track in one project is presented in clear-cut tables and the progress over time is shown on visual graphs. There is even a special Competition Rankings Report that gives deepest insight into competitors’ ranking performance.

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Quick checks of search volume and competition for keywordsQuick checks of search volume and competition for keywords

It takes a few seconds for Rank Tracker to find out the number of times a keyword is being searched by real people, plus how stiff online competition for this keyword is. This helps estimate how hard it would be to optimize for any of the words found

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Rank Tracker - best keywords to optimizeIndication of the best keywords to optimize your site for

For each keyword, Rank Tracker will calculate Keyword Efficiency Index, or KEI which demonstrates how profitable a word can be. Keywords with the higher KEI have the greatest potential to bring targeted traffic to your website. All keywords will have green to red markers depending on their KEI, so that you easily find the best words to optimize for.

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Rank Tracker - Checking rankingsChecking rankings in any search engine with a click of a button

Rank Tracker will quickly find out where your keywords are ranking in any of the supported search engines (today you’ve got a huge list of over 400 search engines to choose from). If you need more search engines, you can send us a request and we’ll fulfill it within just a few days!

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Research keywords in all languagesResearch keywords in all languages (UTF-8 support)

Take any search terms, from keywords in English and words with non-latin symbols like German umlauts or French accents to words in Cyrillic, Oriental languages or languages with right-to-left writing — and Rank Tracker will process them with no problem at all!

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Keeping rankings history over timeKeeping rankings history over time

Rank Tracker keeps a daily, weekly and monthly change record to notify you where your site ranks for any search term, at any time!

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Visual demonstration of your rankings progress

Visual demonstration of your rankings progress

Rank Tracker also draws eye-candy progress graphs to demonstrate your progress visually. Images often speak louder than words, so the visual charts will be a great help to get a quick idea of your rankings development.

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Rank Tracker projectComprehensive ranking reports

It takes a mouseclick to generate industry-standard rankings report with all data on keywords and their rankings clearly demonstrated in nice tables and charts.

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Custom-branding your reports

Rank Tracker reports are completely customizable. Choose the layout and report sections to include, add your and/or your client’s company logo and make the report match your brand colors — pretty much everything can be customized.

Custom-branding your reports

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Printing reports, emailing them or publishing to the Web

Rank Tracker - Printing reports

It’s easy to make rankings data available outside the software. You can make the standard HTML or PDF exports of your reports — ideal for printout. Or quickly deliver reports to your colleagues or clients: you’ve go instant emailing and FTP upload features at your fingertips. 

Be sure to download the FREE version of Rank Tracker here so that you can follow along and experience the software for yourself too.

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