SEO SpyGlass Review – A Backlink Checker Software

SEO SpyGlass Review

SEO SpyGlass is a Backlink Checker Software with great features so let’s get started with this Seo Spyglass Review. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see who was linking to your competitors pages, what anchor text they were using, which pages were sending them link juice, etc. Well you can with SEO SpyGlass.

SEO SpyGlass Review

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This great little program allows you to do a little investigative work on the competition and see how they are ranking higher than you.  If you can understand how they are doing this and beating you to top spot, you may be able to do a similar thing for your own site.

All businesses (online or offline) conduct research on their competition, it’s survival of the fittest after all.  Make sure that you don’t get complacent and take your eye off the ball, as there is bound to be someone doing research on your business!


This is what you can do with the amazing back link check tool SEO Spy Glass:

  • View Alexa Traffic Rank of every back link to see your competitor’s biggest traffic sources.
  • Check the total number of back links your competitor has. Search engines take huge value on links to ones site.
  • View Google Page Rank of every back link.
  • View the total number of Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 10 back links your competitor has. Try to get the same Pagerank numbers as your competitor.
  • View the total number of back links coming from the same IP address. Side wide links are often bought and you can do the same.
  • View the anchor text and anchor URL’s your competition is using. Check this for the 5 biggest competitors and you will know how often you should use which anchor text.
  • View the keyword density in the anchor and title text for your biggest competitors.
  • Check if your competitor has a back links from the authoritative DMOZ or the Yahoo Directory.
  • View the amount of links that are coming from forums, blogs and social media.
  • View the number of links that are coming from home pages. Home page links are often paid links which you can get as well if you are willing to pay for it. Very often you can even see how much they are paying for a link!
  • Check site age of every website linking to your competition to discover established and authoritative sites.
  • view the link value of your competitor’s links and sort them by importance.
  • View the used URL they link to. For example linking to www. and without www. or with trailing slash in the end or without trailing slash makes a difference because these are all different URL’s.

SEO SpyGlass is a part SEO PowerSuite family who developed by Link-Assistant.com (Read more SEO PowerSuite Review). SEO SpyGlass is by far one of the most useful tools I have ever seen. When you competition is outdoing your Search Engine Results Placement (SERP) and you really need to know what the heck they are getting for backlinks, SEO SpyGlass will deliver the goods to you so you can duplicate your competition and try to get some of the same backlinks they have obtained. At the very least, it gives you an accurate picture of the kinds of links and the PR of links that your competition is using to get top ranking.

Step 1 of SEO SpyGlass is to Select A Competitor To Analyze or Enter a Keyword you wish to rank well for.

When you enter your information in and press next you will need to give SEO Spyglass your Google Analytics Account information so it can login. You can create a Google Analytics account pretty quickly by pressing the link in the bottom right.

After you enter your username and password information for Google Analytics you might need to Select Your Account and Website Profile. Click Finish when you are done. And press Next to move on to Step 3.

SEO SpyGlass Review - keyword-search

Step 3 is Collecting Backlink Data on your competitor’s website.

When Step 3 is completed you will receive a Congratulations message, Backlink Data Has Been Collected Successfully and a summary of how many backlinks were found. Press Finish to see your results.

Of Course you will have to analyze the results further to backlink details like PR and Anchor Text.

And as before you need to choose your Backlink Factors. To accept the defaults click Next.

Once you click Next you will see SEO Spyglass Updating Search Engine Data for the backlinks it collected. This process can take a considerable amount of time especially if you select all the Backlink Factors. But the wait is worth it. You will see a ton of information which you can use to boost your SERP’s. Let it run as long as you can. Go do something else!

SEO SpyGlass Review-additional-backlink-factors

You can press Stop at any time on this update and look at the results you have gained from the updates or let it complete and press Finish. I like to order the column results first but Page PR and then by Links Back.  This will tell you if it is a page that will give you Google Link Juice and how much link juice it will give through the Page PR Google Rank.

SEO Spyglass Pricing

SEO Spyglass excels at helping you examine your competitor’s link profile and uncover nuggets of opportunity for your own SEO efforts.

There are two pricing levels for the software: enterprise and professional.

Pricing: SEO Spyglass Professional is $124.75

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