WebSite Auditor Review

Website Auditor Review – The on-page website analyzing tool

Website Auditor a part SEO PowerSuite family who developed by Link-Assistant.com (Read more SEO PowerSuite), This is my Website Auditor Review  will show you exactly what tips and tricks you have on your hands with this handy on-page website analyzing tool. Analyze keyword density, keyword prominence, keyword count, word count, compair results to top competitors pages and much more…

Website Auditor Review

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Website Auditor grabs every page of a website and then analyzes it for structural errors and meta data issues that could be modified to improve the websites on-site optimization.


Some of the things it checks for include

  • Broken links
  • HTML and CSS code errors or warnings
  • Duplicate content
  • 404 and other server response code errors
  • Not indexed webpages
  • Missing, duplicate or too long titles and meta description
  • There’s a lot of details on the report and it gives you a great product to hand to your client with things that need to be cleaned up SEO wise for them to do themselves, or pay you to do for them.

There are some other sets of functionality in Website Auditor as well. One is a set of tools designed to tell you what traits the results of the top 10 sites for your keyword have in common so you can mimic those characteristics. This can be a fun and useful set of results to view but give every recommendation a common since scan. Sometimes the top results belong to large companies that are at the top in spite of bad on-site optimization not because of good optimization. If you view the results with that in mind, you can find some good suggestions.

Website Auditor

Save Big Time

SEO companies charge upwards of $3,000 for just one SEO website audit reportwith raw data and no practical advice. And if you want them to give you specific recommendations on optimizing your website you’ll have to cash out even more.

But you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get expert SEO advice. With WebSite Auditor Professional you can generate SEO reports with detailed optimization guidelines for an unlimited number of websites and webpages for only $124.75

Moreover, all WebSite Auditor reports are fully customizable. You can choose what data and analysis to include in the report. You can brand the report with your company logo or pick a color scheme to match your corporate style.

How to use Website Auditor?

Enter the URL and the keywords you want to optimize the URL for into Website Auditor. Now Website Auditor will produce a step by step report with tips and tricks on how you can improve the optimization of your site and which changes you should make. Website Auditor will also let you compair your site to maximal ten sites of competitors. You can finetune the optimization and run the check again and to see if the changes have the desired effect.

With the enterprise version of Website Auditor you can send Website Auditor reports to your clients. You can even automate checks, the creation and sending of the reports and even make custom Website Auditor reports with your logo and your prefered information in the report. As a one man show you will be able to do the seo tasks that previously only expensive big seo companies where able to do.

If you have anything to do with Internet business, WebSite Auditor was made for you!

Here is just a brief list of what anyone is now able to do, once they have WebSite Auditor:

  • Small Business Owner will instantly get a grip on SEO and optimize his site for top rankings like a pro, getting mammoth exposure for his business.
  • SEO Company/Consultant will quickly evaluate the amount of work and cost of a project; get the data and tools for in-depth SEO site analysis and client reporting.
  • Affiliate Marketer will easily make effective traffic-generating pages for any product and reach out to the laser-targeted multi-thousand audience.
  • PPC Marketer will be able to effectively optimize all landing pages, improve Quality Scores, cut down PPC costs and boost Return-On-Investment.
  • Blogger will be able to create Google-friendly keyword-rich blog posts, attract 1,000s of new visitors from organic search, grow and monetize his or her blog.
  • Webmaster will ensure that his site is well optimized and each webpage is easily found and ranked by search engines.
  • Copywriter will confidently write search engine friendly content on any topic.
  • Website Owner will better convert visitors into paying clients, by putting the best working offers into the key viewed areas of the website.

Additionally, as with all the SEO Power Suite Software, you can produce reports. Website Auditor is piece of software I’ve paid for and have used for a few months. It has a few quirks as far as captcha information and display, but I find it helps. If you think you might like it, why not take advantage of the free download?

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